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We Help Businesses Grow 

At Big Energy Group, we are dedicated to providing top-tier consulting services to help businesses grow their bottom line. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we assist companies in optimizing their effiency and reducing costs. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

Partner with us and let's power your success!

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Meet Denita

Executive Management • Real Estate •

Business Development • Leadership • Sales


  • Corporate and Non-Profit Board Director

  • CEO and Executive Consultant

  • Former VP at Sempra Energy

  • Former VP at AT&T

  • Past Board Chair of LA Chamber of Commerce


Harvard University 

M.B.A., Business Administration and Management

University of Wisconsin- Madison

B.S., Engineering 


Meet Denita

Our Clients 



We are Real Estate Development Strategists

We focus on:

  • Managing and mitigating risks that arise when building affordable housing units

  • Providing sustainable and green solutions to enhance building portfolios

  • We guide real estate developers and create blueprints to keep projects on track and under budget.


Specifically, we help to:

  • Create a client-centric approach to collaborate with community members impacted by development

  • Leverage our contacts and resources with utility companies to break through bureaucratic inefficiencies

  • Spearhead initiatives that revitalize neighborhoods and turn urban spaces into vibrant communities

  • We help our clients create legacies through real estate development.

We Solve Problems

We are a diverse and inclusive team of leadership development professionals who think critically and creatively to solve problems. Since 2012, by taking account of specific industry opportunities and threats, we have aided companies in optimizing their business operations, helping them to:

  • Embrace Innovation

  • Enhance Workflow

  • Cut Costs

  • Enhance Service Delivery, and

  • Increase Revenues

Vast Network.

Powerful Connections. 

Executive Coaching and Business Transformation 

Don’t trust your messaging to just anyone.


Denita Willoughby has refined and fine-tuned the branding of companies and individuals across the nation. Through her powerful network and collaborations, she has inspired, educated, and ignited the infrastructures of companies and individuals for positive growth and change.

As a professional keynote speaker in Los Angeles, Denita has become highly sought-after by companies, helping thousands of people become more effective communicators through:


  • Leadership Development

  • Career Navigation

  • Wellness Training

  • Life Coaching


Denita Willoughby,
Consultant and Keynote Speaker 


(motivational speaking)